Season 2

My parents owned a paper shop, until it blew away. – David Brent

Season 2
As a result of the Swindon merger, a group of new staff arrive at Slough branch and David wastes no time in familiarising them with his unique style of management. Meanwhile, Tim seems to be taking his promotion very seriously.
Episode 1
Air Date September 30, 2002
Season 2
As David conducts the annual staff appraisals he discovers that the group from Swindon are less than impressed with their new boss and a lunchtime trip to the pub does little to improve the situation.
Episode 2
Air Date October 7, 2002
Season 2
A colleague's birthday provides a welcome distraction for the employees of Wernham Hogg and leads to a series of practical jokes at the expense of David and Gareth. Meanwhile, David's growing frustrations with new boss Neil.
Episode 3
Air Date October 14, 2002
Season 2
David's preparations for his first motivational training seminar that evening don't get off to the perfect start when he first discovers the staff's new nicknames for him that are doing the rounds and then receives another reprimand from Neil for neglecting his duties.
Episode 4
Air Date October 21, 2002
Season 2
It's Comic Relief Day and the staff of Werhnam Hogg all do their bit to raise money including Dawn, whose 'kisses for 1' stand finally provides Tim with the opportunity he's been waiting for.
Episode 5
Air Date October 28, 2002
Season 2
Although slightly peaved that the staff seem to be taking his redundancy in their stride, David's spirits remain high as he plans his future while also being interviewed for an article in 'Inside Paper'.
Episode 6
Air Date November 4, 2002