The Office S05E26 Commentary

What has two thumbs and Iikes to bone your mom? This guy! – Todd Packer

The Office S05E26 - Casual Friday [Commentary]
Ryan and Pam return to the office with a big surprise. Someone is hiding behind a paper with a question mark. He's a man who has ruined employees of all other men. It's Michael Scott! He's welcomed back with applause by his employees. Now that Michael has returned, he's been treating Pam and Ryan a little better than the rest of the employees. Dwight attempts to hold a secret meeting in the warehouse for the rest of the employees to try to instigate a change. Especially since there has been tension due to Michael, Ryan, and Pam stealing clients from Dunder Mifflin. Jim feels it's time to warn Michael, Pam, and Ryan to stop isolating themselves from the rest of the team, because Dwight is planning a revolt. The old Michael Scott would try to stop Dwight's plan, but instead, he welcomes the challenge.
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