The Office S05E11 Commentary

Poor Richard’s is a real bar in Scranton, that you can actually visit. It’s inside a Scranton bowling alley and is called “The South Side Lanes Bar” by locals. – FACT

The Office S05E11 - Moroccan Christmas [Commentary]
Dwight is surprised, suspicious, and unimpressed that Jim has wrapped his entire workstation in holiday paper: the chair, the desk, the tools on his desk. With a sneer, Dwight drops his briefcase on the desk and plops into his chair, only to tumble to the ground as his entire desk and chair collapse underneath him. Jim has apparently replaced Dwight's desk with a cardboard replica and wrapped the whole thing. Phyllis has picked an inspired theme for the office's holiday party: Nights in Morocco. As the new head of the party planning committee, she's eager to show up Angela, the ousted chairman. As she hands out fezzes to everyone, Phyllis spots a nativity scene at Angela's desk. "They're off-theme," she's happy to tell her. When Angela protests, Phyllis announces that the camel, sheep, and North African king can stay but everything else must be hidden in a drawer.
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