The Office S05E07 Commentary

Parks and Recreation was originally supposed to be a spin-off of The Office. – FACT

The Office S05E07 - Customer Survey [Commentary]
Michael has returned from Nashua and is now telling everybody that he and Holly got engaged while on the road trip. The staff congratulate him and press him for wedding details. Feeling the pressure, Michael cops to the truth that he is not getting married. Jim grabs Andy's mug from the kitchen and Andy tries to stop him from using it. In an attempt to prove to Jim that it is, indeed, his mug, Andy shows him the picture of himself on it. Pam listens in on the entire conversation, using the smallest Bluetooth she could find for her and Jim. The customer survey results have come in and both Dwight and Jim did not receive stellar points. Jim is nervous because this affects his bonus, which he could use since he plans on buying his parents' old house for him and Pam. Michael sets up exercises for both men to improve their sales calls.
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