The Office S05E03 Commentary

Paul Giamatti was NBC’s first choice to play Michael Scott. But he turned down the role. – FACT

The Office S05E03 - Business Ethics [Commentary]
Michael and Holly decide it's time to liven up the meeting on ethics. It's time to get ethical! Michael hopes that by helping Holly out, they will merge into a romantic relationship. Before the meeting, Holly points out the reasoning behind the course in the first place: a certain employee's firing at Corporate. Everybody points out Ryan. Michael encourages the group to give examples of bad ethics. Meredith takes the jackpot when she admits she sleeps with one of their supply reps for cheaper products and Outback Steakhouse gift certificates. Holly grows very concerned with Meredith's confession. Holly and Michael sit down with Meredith to take her confession down. She spills all the details about her six-year affair and Holly takes notes. Meredith freaks out, especially when Holly talks about the possibility of her losing her job.
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