The Office S05E01 Commentary

Ed Helms (Andy) and Brian Baumgartner (Kevin) also attended high school together in Georgia. – FACT

The Office S05E01 - Weight Loss [Commentary]
It's week one in the corporate-sponsored weight-loss challenge. Whichever branch loses the most weight gets three extra vacation days. Michael is determined to win, so before the first weigh in, he and Dwight tempt the employees with junk food. Afterwards, Darryl weighs them all in on the warehouse scale. It's week two in the weight-loss challenge and the staff have lost 31 pounds. Jim is helping Pam pack up her things at work and sending her off to New York City for three months to study at the Pratt Institute. She'll be a little fish in the Big Apple. Andy is trying to nail down a spot for his and Angela's wedding. He comes up with a place in Rhode Island and then thinks about Maine, but Angela could really care less. She and Dwight are still secretly meeting in a hidden place in the warehouse and engaging in their affair.
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